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Moderni Minutes

WELCOME to the Moderni Spine Blog (Moderni Minutes)! Stay in the know about current treatment options, get more information on different causes/types of pain, and see some self-care tips!

Moderni Minutes is created to help you understand more about your pain, causes and treatments available to you as well as give you some additional resources to stay on track with self-care for those moments (no matter how small they may be) when you can focus on yourself.

Moderni Minutes will be anything but mundane. We will cover recipes, medications, procedures, causes of pain, physical therapy, mental health, (more recipes) and connections with other local health professionals as well. Hopefully each and every time you read you will gain something valuable!

Physician Assistant, associate, Owner of Pain clinic
Cynthia Konrath PA-C

Physician Assistants have a lot to offer.

I'm Cynthia Konrath (Physician Assistant/Associate) and Owner of Moderni Spine PLLC and author of this great blog you are about to follow :). Not only am I dedicated to getting my patients to where they need to be to improve their quality of life, but I am dedicated to working and collaborating with colleagues of multiple disciplines as well as continuing education.

I hope you'll stay.

There is so much more to come, and I hope that you will stay for the journey and the updates!

Please click on the MODERNI MINUTES MEMBER if you would like to subscribe to the blog! Please comment or email me at if there is a subject that you are particularly interested in!


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