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Botox For Pain: Treating Migraines, Headaches and More

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Botox injections in facial muscles

Botox is notorious for being "youth juice" and helping with fine lines and appearances. However, it is a tool that allows us to manage certain types of pain.

Welcome back to Moderni Minutes. I'm Cynthia, PA and owner of Moderni Spine clinic here in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Today we’re going to talk about Botox for pain. If you are interested at all in what Botox actually is (where the medication comes from) please click to see my video that dives into just that!

We’re going to go over a couple conditions in the pain clinic setting that Botox can help manage.

One of the first conditions is near and dear to my heart <3, and that is migraines and headaches. I’m a migraine sufferer and Botox has been a game changer for me. I have seen so many patients in which Botox significantly reduces their migraines and significantly reduces the need for any other medication. This improves quality of life rather dramatically.

If you have headaches and jaw pain, you may find that your jaw is actually a big driver of those headaches. If you're seeing a pattern of increase in jaw pain and increase in headache frequency, you may grind or clench your teeth at night or during the day. This is called Bruxism. The large muscle on the side of the jaw called the Masseter muscle may always be sore, tight or tired. Botox can be really helpful for reducing that tightness due to bruxism.

Another condition Botox can manage is called dystonia. Dystonia is an abnormal contraction or the abnormal tightening of a muscle. We can see dystonia all over the body, such as in the neck, causing pain and causing the head to be tilted in different positions. Dystonia may have different underlying causes which we will likely get into at another time. Another type of dystonia or muscle spasm is piriformis spams causing piriformis syndrome.

The piriformis is a small muscle under our gluteal muscles in our buttocks that sits over or can be split by the sciatic nerve. If that muscle is having a spasm or is abnormally tightened it can irritate that nerve and cause pain down the leg. Botox can help relieve this.

So Botox for wrinkles is one thing, but Botox is also significantly helpful in pain medicine. If you have one of the conditions that I listed or if someone in the past has told you that Botox might be helpful for the pain that you have, I really encourage you to come in or talk to your local provider about whether or not Botox to be helpful for you.

Well dive into some of these diagnoses in a little more detail in other videos & blogs, but this was a good overview to Botox in the pain clinic setting.

Please comment or contact me if you have any questions, or if there is a pain condition or treatment that you would like discussed in a blog or video.

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Remember that this blog is for informational purposes only, and although I am a licensed health professional, everyone is different, and one thing does not apply to all. Please be sure to get a clinical evaluation and a diagnosis from a medical provider before trying treatments to avoid any harm or poor outcomes for yourself.

-Cynthia PA-C & Owner of Moderni Spine


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