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Meet Me:

Cynthia Konrath

Physician Associate & Owner of Moderni Spine

I grew up in White Bear Lake, MN. Although originally, I wanted to become a Fashion Designer (and not to forget hopes of becoming a competitive surfer), I stepped into medicine on a whim when applying for Emergency Medical Technician school. Day one- I was hooked.


My journey was full of twists and turns and medical jobs, trying to find the best course for my career and best way to help patients. With the growing number of opportunities for Physician Assistants, the schooling requirements, the practice abilities/practice level and regulated autonomy...... I set my sights on becoming a PA.

I completed my Bachelor's of Science at University of Wisconsin-River Falls in Biomedical Science & Chemistry minor, and I attended PA school at Bethel University in Minnesota. I graduated with my Master's of Science Physician Assistant Studies in August 2017. 


Click here for more information on Physician Assistants/Associates (PA-C)

Since graduating PA school, my medical specialty revolved around spine orthopedics and pain medicine. I started at a small local pain clinic where I saw a lot of personal injury and motor-vehicle related injuries and developed a lot of my procedural skills and medication management. I then continued my career at Rayus Radiology (formerly CDI) where I gained a portion of my knowledge on spinal radiology and interventional spine procedures. I did however miss using my own procedural skills. I most recently ended my "W2" career at Summit Orthopedics working in non-operative spine orthopedics and was able to learn additional procedural skills as well as reinforce my other competencies. 

Even prior to 2017 I had always dreamt of having my own own practice. As I continued working in different clinic scenarios it just became more and more evident to me that this was the time to I curated Moderni Spine. 

Below you will see my vision and concepts surrounding my clinic creation.

Association Memberships:

Board Certification/Licensing



Vision Statement

Moderni; Latin adjective for Modern.

Self-Care starts here.


Moderni Spine is redesigning how pain care is accomplished. When pain becomes chronic, we need to address it like any other chronic condition in which we invest in managing regularly. Appropriately managing chronic conditions is essential self-care.

  • Treating your pain should feel exactly like that, self-care.


A modern clinic that resembles more of a visit to a spa then a pain clinic.


You’re putting in the work to care for yourself, and you should be rewarded for that.

What makes us different.

There is a lot that makes Moderni Spine unique.

Time: You can expect approximately 60% more time than the average clinic visit.  

  • Moderni Spine is committed to extended visits.

  • Great care comes from great listening.

Migraine Oasis: A spa for your migraine treatment. 

  • Learn more 

Google & Web MD friendly: With the wide accessibility to the internet and the vast array of medical information that can be found, it would be silly to assume people don't have questions about what they find. 

  • We encourage you to feel like you can speak up and ask about it. 

Easy Communication: Your care should be accessible, not maze. 

  • There is no phone tree to get lost in.

  • Simple online scheduling for both clinic visits and procedures.

  • Paperless easy online patient forms

    •  Environmentally friendly 

  • Simple patient portal to stay in contact with your provider.

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